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Last week I watched True Confessions (1981), a film adaptation of John Gregory Dunne's novel with a screenplay by Dunne and his wife Joan Didion.
Right now I'm watching this bad 90s TV movie called Broken Trust (1995).
This one stars Tom Selleck as a idealistic judge who appears about to get caught up in some kind of treacherous web.
That Selleck is possibly the most convincing actor is only one of the problems here.

I worry that both of these films suffer from being written by novelists in that much of the dialogue would sound better printed on a page.

Maybe it's something else.
I was really surprised by how little i connected with True Confessions and am considering reading the book just to see if there is anything there. Watching this film, also an adaptation of a novel, one gets the idea that all the Didions put into this screenplay was a desire for a paycheck. I remember her talking in an interview about how in screenwriting it was important to let it go once you'd handed it in. Let them mess it up. Maybe it's someone else's fault.

I don't know what to say here. I'm just really disappointed that Didion's screenwriting career doesn't do justice to the rest of her writing. The characters in this movie all come across as a lot dumber than they should be.

Can anyone say anything to me about John Gregory Dunne?
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