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Up Coming Film Festival. BE THERE!

The Ohio State University's Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity will host a Film Festival from November 27 to December 1, 2007 in Columbus, Ohio. The festival will be comprised of films that approach the topic of race in a variety of life and policy dimensions and make use of a structural portrayal of race and racism (i.e., not focusing solely on individualist perspectives).

The overall goal of the Film Festival is to illustrate structural racism in a myriad of forms through a medium that will not only reach a broader audience, but also has the ability to transform the way activists, academics, policymakers, and other interested individuals talk about and do work around race and other issues of social justice. We hope to demonstrate how film as a communication tool can help us to examine, rethink, and change our ideas about race and racism. For this reason, we have selected films of both domestic and foreign origin that deal with issues such as race, gender, class, identity, image, politics, education, and other social and structural forces that intersect to shape the lives of us all. Each film will be preceded by a short introduction and followed by a question and answer period fielded by a panel of acclaimed scholars and/or activists with expertise in areas related to the subject matter of the film. On Friday evening, there will be a Keynote Address given by Danny Glover and Felix Justice.

The Film Festival will be held in conjunction with a national conference hosted by the Kirwan Institute entitled Toward a Transformative Agenda around Race. The conference will challenge scholars, activists, and practitioners to explore ways of talking about and doing around race that underscores our linked fate as people and facilitate bridge-building and coalition formation across racial, ethnic, and even ideological differences. This emphasis on using racial analysis, discourse, policy and practice to draw people together for constructive, proactive purposes, and to actually enact our commitments, is at the heart of what we mean by a transformative agenda around race.

A website dedicated to the conference & film festival will be coming soon!

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